Welcome @ Bureau Klantzicht!

Thank you for visiting our website! Since our main market consists of The Netherlands and Flanders our website is presented in the Dutch version only. Sorry! After having launched the new version of our website recently we have noticed a significant and increasing number of global visitors (with which we are very happy!). For those international visitors (you’re one of them) we have created this modest page to tell a little bit about what we stand for and what we do.

Conversation starter for your business

A free translation of “Bureau Klantzicht” into English would be something like “With a Customer View”. Just to remind ourselves, but also everybody we work with, that the customer is the essence of our existence. What we do? Bureau Klantzicht is establishing a clear focus (view) on the customer. At the same we make sure that the customer has a clear – commercial – view on your organization. Easy way to put it: we are a conversation starter between the customer and your company i.e. brand. We help you establish a profitable conversation and which is durable.

Customer value

We believe in relevant customer value, this how we go about it:

  • Creating customer value by Marketing Management
  • Selling customer value by Sales Management
  • Delivering customer value by Service Management

Customer experience, customer loyalty

We are all about creating business opportunities, providing an individual and distinguishing customer experiences on all touchpoints. We work outside in and do what needs to be done from the customer’s perspective. We help companies develop their customer focus and customer loyalty. How we do that? With:

  • Interim Management
  • Business Consultancy
  • Business Coaching
  • Business Training

Business Specials

For companies that consider entering the European market and are looking for business partners we offer market research, feasibility studies and a business partner search programme. Need more information, please leave your details on our contact page.